The App’s is a non profit organization with the purpose of providing biology learning app’s to everybody.

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Our Apps are as follows

NameIt – Our app for everybody not specific for one region or topic (Android, Apple)

Vicuña – For the Andes and South America (Android, Apple)

FooBio – For Food Plants, mushroom, Nuts, Fruits from all over the world (Android, Apple)

ScuBio – For scuba divers, coral, fish, sharks and everything under water (Android, Apple)

FloraHe – For Switzerland and Europe (Android, Apple)

AudioBird – For Birds with audio for the whole world (Android, Apple)

MedBio – Medical biology, pathogens, parasites and medicinal plants (Android, Apple)

BioBras – For Brazil (Android, Apple)

CaliBio – For California and North America (Android, Apple)